The most widely used hair removal laser.

But how can you choose the most suitable laser machine?
Knowing that while removing hair, the pigmentation-which is found in the hair’s follicle, is the target absorbing the laser beam, a process called selective photothermolysis occurs, damaging the hair. It is very important evaluating the hairs’ color (the phototype), because there are different laser beam lengths for every skin color (fair, grain, dark), type V, VL, or a balanced intensive one (pulsing light) with an in-between beam length ( Alexandrite Laser755 nm/ Nd, YAG 1064 nm/, Diode Laser 808 nm/ Erbium laser/ IPL..etc).

Do the laser beams destroy all hair at once?

You should get the idea of the hair cycle (phases of hairgrowth), the first phase is growing, second stage is static, and the last one is falling down. The hair targeted by the laser beams are the ones in the first phase (growth), about 5% to 20% of total hair mass. Therefore a certain number of sessions is needed to permanently remove hair in different cycles. We are under hormonal influence which stimulates hair presence, ex., chin hair at females shows larger androgen stimulation, women on menopause have reported changes regarding hair appearance in places they have never had hair before.

Nowadays laser epilation is by far the best method for permanent hair removal (decreasing).

At “Venus” Center Alexandrite Laser & Nd YAG permanent hair removal is used for every skin phototype.