Cellulite is unfortunately a part of life for many women, and it can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Cellulite, also known as cottage cheese fat due to its distinct lumpy appearance, is hereditary, and if your mom had it, chances are pretty high that you will have it too, even if you live a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Cellulite has no relation to weight, and even thin people can get it. If you have a lot of muscle and low body fat, even if you get cellulite it might not be as apparent, as there is less fat in general. However, for the majority of women, cellulite is an unfortunate fact of life.

effective treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery. We understand how frustrating cellulite can be, and we make sure that we are on the cutting edge of all the latest cellulite-reducing technologies to help make your life better. To learn more about how to reduce your cellulite and to schedule a complimentary* consultation, call us at…

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Many people have the erroneous impression that cellulite is related to weight gain. This is not actually true; cellulite is not caused by weight gain itself, but rather by an abundance of connective tissue anchoring skin to muscle. This connective tissue, called septae, pulls the skin down, creating the characteristic dimples of cellulite. Women tend to have more of these fibrous bands than men, which is why cellulite is much more prevalent in women than in men.

Cellulite most often appears on the buttocks and the backs of the thighs, although it can also appear in other areas of the body. Cellulite can be caused by a wide range of factors including genetics, poor diet, yo-yo dieting or fad dieting that leads to changes in metabolism, and others. Weight gain can make cellulite more apparent, and it tends to be more apparent on light-colored skin as well.

Liposuction can not treat cellulite. In fact, liposuction may make cellulite worse by making the dimples more prominent. Liposuction is a great choice for people at or near their goal weight who want to reduce small areas of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise, but it is not a weight loss tool and it is not a treatment for cellulite.

Effective Treatments For Cellulite
Cellulite has a history of being very difficult to treat effectively, but in recent years we’ve seen technological advances that led to more effective treatments for cellulite.

is a device that uses radiofrequency energy to heat and tighten the dermis, which in turn allows for increased collagen production. Radiofrequency energy has long been used to help tighten skin and even reduce localized fat deposits, and it has been shown effective against cellulite as well. Exilis can be used on any area with cellulite, and involves no recovery time.

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