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Fillers: Restyline, Juvederm, Teoxan, Princess… Why?

Because in the fillers’ market they present the best quality.

RESTYLANE is the only fillers containing Hyaluronic acid with a few modifications (less than 1%). This is why it is so similar with natural human hyaluronic acid. You can also find hyaluronic acids with a higher percentage of modification, without these characteristics.

RESTYLANE (NASHA non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid) has a variety of products for wrinkles regarding their location or depth. You can revitalize, hydrate your skin and look more youthful with the help of this technology.

Given that external/internal factors affect in damaging and early aging such as; ultraviolet rays, the loss of fatty tissue, eating and sleeping habits, expressions, stress, bone and cartilage remodeling with age, all of these factors lead to the usage of fillers or botox.

Nowadays the most biologically comfortable and acceptable material is hyaluronic acid (AH), which is actually found naturally in our skins (60%), and is biodegraded by our organism.

-Given that AH lasts 1-2 days, more biocompatible and stable molecules are formed in laboratories. It is a flexible substance which gets injected through the skin improving fine lines and wrinkles by remodeling or raising the volume.

-AH corrects the contour and raises lip volume making them more plumpy, fills the cheekbones, repairs imperfections, improves cicatrices of acne.

-AH has viscoelastic and hygroscopic virtues, pulls water and as a result raises hydration levels, its affinity making a three dimensional expand of the gel.

If wrinkles are a big deal for you and you are looking forward to correcting facial features, consult a dermatologist in order to prepare yourself for the treatment and get the right explanations.

Usually these treatments can be done since the age of 18 and onwards. The possible side effects are; skin reddening, bruising, swelling, herpes simpex reactivation, localized necrosis, but you do not have to worry since they fade away after a few days.

Usually lips’ lasting effect is about 6 months given that vascularization is bigger and it biodegrades faster than other zones where the effect lasts about 9-12 months.

No health harms can possibly happen by using licensed products. If the person injecting the AH has no good knowledge of facial anatomy, that person can cause an occlusion or blood vessel enclosure, therefore a licensed and qualified dermatologist shall perform these procedures. In addition, your doctor will also enlist which medicaments you can/can not use after the procedure and other useful information.

-Make sure to use AH which are safe and applied by the CE that are completely biodegraded by your skin. There are a wide range of products in the market; biodegradable, semipermanent or permanent, nowadays the tendency is the usage of AH knowing that it is more acceptable for your organism, and the side effects are fewer than other fillers.

Restylane, Juvederm, Esthelis, Filorga, Teoxan, products which are used around the world starting from Restylane, which has been used for 20 years now, the most used fillers yet.