Advice for different skin types
There are four skin types teenagers should know about in order to take proper care for each type.

Normal: This type represents a soft uniform skin with a good maintained elasticity. The skin is clean, without red/brown spots or chapping. It is neither dry or oily as a result of the well balanced oil/water rapport and good blood circulation. It is very easy to wash the skin with a gel-based cleanser or a simple soap and lukewarm water 2-3 times a day.

Dry: This type is characterized by dull, harsh, chapped look. You usually feel a tingling sensation. The pores are closed, the dryness comes from the atopic fall of the outer skin, mostly as a result of missing lubrication which keeps the skin furnished and hydrated.

Oily; The probability of having acne is greater on oily skins then other skin types, it is characterized by large pores and shimmery skin. Stress and hormonal changes can stimulate excess oil production. These patients should wash their faces up to 3 times a day with a gel formula cleanser or soap to remove excess oil and dirt. When washing your hair be careful not to let the water touch your face. Cleansers and products which unclog pores are recommended.

Combination; This skin type can upset you a bit, because you may experience 2 different skin types in the same zone. Teens’ skin type may vary regarding seasons, ex., it may seem dry during the winter and oily during summertime. This skin type is blackhead prone and enlarged pores characterize the T-zone. Make sure to wash your face 2-3 times a day with lukewarm water and gel base cleanser or soft soap, use hydrating creams on the dry zones and protect your skin from sun rays and environmental factors which may worsen the problem.